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Maintenance for Periodontal Disease

Maintenance cleanings are performed to preserve gum health after treatment for gum disease has been completed. The type of maintenance cleaning depends on the type of gum disease that was treated.

After treating gingivitis with prophylaxis cleanings, gum health is maintained with additional prophylaxis cleanings. These maintenance cleanings are typically recommended twice a year. After treating periodontitis with periodontal scaling and root planing (SRP), periodontal maintenance cleanings are recommended. These cleanings prevent gum disease from advancing and causing irreversible damage, such as bone and tooth loss. Periodontal maintenance appointments are recommended at either 3 month, 4 month, or 6 month intervals, depending on each individual patient’s progress. It is important to note that patients diagnosed with gum disease should always continue to undergo periodontal maintenances, no matter how long ago the disease was treated. This is done to ensure the preservation of oral health as these patients are especially susceptible to the advance of gum disease.

Patients who have never been diagnosed with gum disease undergo twice-a-year prophylaxis cleanings to maintain oral health. Undergoing maintenance cleanings at regular intervals, either after treatment of gum disease or as part of routine dental care, is vital for our oral health. When done in a timely manner, these cleanings help preserve gum health, prevent the onset of gum disease, and prevent gum disease from worsening.

*Please note the people depicted in the photographs are models and not real patients.*


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